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It would be an honor for you to partner with us. You don’t have to dig deep to realize it takes a lot to start a church, build community and love the city. And we certainly can’t do it without you. But we would hate for it to end with only a financial partnership. The core of who we are is grounded in relationship. We’d love to get to you know and discover the best fit for you in the vision God has given us for the city of Raleigh. Generosity isn’t simply about writing a check or checking-off the tithe box on your to-dos. It’s about being generous in all capacities: time, talent + treasures. Watch God multiply your efforts and bless you for it.

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Simple and Secure. Two words you like to hear when it involves your finances. All preferences included as well. Whether it’s a single gift or something you’d like to continue, we’ve got you covered.

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Launching with the end in mind.

Legacy is often something you reflect on, rather than acting as a launching pad to cast a vision for what’s to come. For us, it’s both…

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