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Stuart and April are convinced that the local church is God’s plan for connecting with people; that it’s not just something referenced in the New Testament, but has the power to change the way we think about church.

It’s your hub, your home base. It’s not just 4 walls and a building. It’s a family that meets together — most often on a Sunday — and lives life together. It’s where you come to connect with God, find community, and invite others to join the journey. No one is meant to live in isolation, we were made for relationship.

We were created for more. Jesus modeled this when He gathered 12 men desperate for change, passionate to learn from their leader, and courageous enough to take this message to the world until everyone has heard. That’s why we’re here.

We live in community and for community. The more we hear about the pain of isolation people experience and desperate for someone, anyone just to talk to, the more our heart beats to find you, to love you right where you are, to introduce you to the only one who can change your world, and connect you to others to walk beside.

So what’s next? We’d love to host you at a dinner party throughout the week or 10a on a Sunday as we come together to worship.

Whether you have questions or just want to get to know each other, we can’t wait to host you at a Welcome Home Party — it’s a lot of fun too! Our team can get you info for the Next Steps Huddle after service on a Sunday — a short info session + a chance to meet our leaders. Either option is a good first step. Let us know you’re interested below, and we’ll be sure to send you an invite and keep you posted on the details.

What's the best way to connect?

Let us know here.